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Quoting Information

view the information generally required for quoting the most commonly requested projects below:

Website Design & Development

Website Structure|Design Preferences| Functionality Detail
Creative Website Design
  • Website structure i.e. a list of all your pages (you can include notes next to each page describing what you envisage displaying there, some clients provide diagrams, screenshots or links to other sites to show an example of what they want on each page as this is sometimes easier to convey preferences).
  • Design preferences for the global site and home page i.e. a list of elements/sections to include on home page (social icons, newsletter sign up, icons/boxes leading to key pages of the site, twitter feed etc.) and colour palette/layout options.
  • Functionality detail, for example commonly requested features and functions include:

    General Functions
    Submission/enquiry/feedback forms
    Carousel slider
    Tabbed content
    Accordion content
    Archive articles
    Newsletter subscription integration
    Newsletter popup
    Questions & answers/FB commenting
    Advertising banners
    Dynamic map
    Music player
    Online Chat
    Social media integration i.e. like box, twitter feed, social wall etc.
    Instagram wall
    Sharing functionality
    Member login
    Multi language
    Subscription functionality
    Google analytics integration

    Ecommerce Functions
    Product reviews/ratings
    Product filters
    Product sorting
    Display options i.e. how many items per page
    Multi currency
    Advanced discount code formulas i.e. buy 1 second half price
    Gift cards
    Product bundles, bulk discounts
    Related products i.e. “you may also like”
    Recently viewed products
    Out of stock notify
    Fly out cart
    Abandoned cart
    Quick view on product listing page
    Image hover change on product listing page
    Product video
    Product Image zoom
    Customised order notification emails

    Fulfillment company integration
    Accountancy software integration
    Facebook store setup
  • Click here to read more details about E-Commerce Website solutions

    Logo Design

    Logo Type|Font|Letter Case| Layout|Colour Preference| Examples
  • Type of logo i.e. text only logo or do you also want some kind of accompanying icon/emblem/graphic image? If you do want an accompanying graphic, please provide details of what you had in mind.
  • Font type and case i.e. sans serif, serif, script, graffiti and then if you want letters in uppercase, lower case or sentence case etc.
  • Layout i.e. logo in a box/circle, text above/below emblem etc.
  • Colour preferences i.e. white text/elements on black background etc.?
  • Examples/sketches of the type of logo you want

  • Stationery Design

    Business Cards|Letterheads|Compliment Slips|Design|Layout Preference| Graphics
  • Type of layout/design you want i.e. logo top right and details bottom left etc.
  • Any examples/sketches of what you had in mind?
  • Colour preferences i.e. white text/elements on black background etc.
  • Graphic Design

    Flyers|Posters|Leaflets|Newsletters|Booklets|Banners|Adverts|Brochures|Labels|Packaging|Web Graphics|Font|Images|Design Style|Layout|Colours|Format|USage|Content
  • Usage i.e. handout flyers to public, html newsletter for email marketing, advert for display board, banner for web etc.
  • Format for digital online, print media or both?
  • Layout preferences i.e. logo at the top, row of photos, text content underneath etc.
  • Type/style of design i.e. vintage, vibrant, corporate, fun, luxury etc.
  • Font type and case i.e. sans serif, serif, script, graffiti and then if you want letters in uppercase, lower case or sentence case etc.
  • Exact wording/content/photos to include etc.
  • Colour preferences i.e. for fonts/background
  • Any examples/sketches of what you had in mind?

  • Photography

    Fashion Shots|Products|Creative|Mannequin|Background|Location|Models|Equipment|Production
  • Type of photography i.e. creative/fashion images, garment shots (either on a model, on a ghost mannequin, laying flat), commercial products shots, event photography etc.
  • Background/location i.e. plain colour, themed set, outdoor, specific venue etc.
  • Any props or special equipment required i.e. wind machine, party scene props, theme accessories etc.
  • How many images in total do you require retouched? i.e. how many looks, outfits, views in total etc.
  • Are models required, if so will you be arranging your own or do you need us to source these on your behalf?
  • Do you require production i.e. a stylist, make up artist or hair stylist, if so will you be arranging your own or would you need us to source on your behalf?

  • NOTE: You can browse other sites and compare the photography, look at poses/backgrounds/props used etc. Gather together examples of those you like so we can see what type of thing you had in mind i.e. by taking screenshots, providing links etc. You can then put together your initial ideas and we can schedule a call so we can provide feedback and refine together your final project requirements. We will then be able to work out a quotation for you. We are happy to talk through things with you, so if you need help just let us know.

    Our Promise

    Unlimited Revisions|Satisfaction Guarantee| High Quality Work
  • We offer unlimited design revisions, so we will continue to work on design projects until you are 100% happy.
  • We do try to meet every clients budget where possible and can offer various options to work around this.
  • We are great at what we do. Our clients love our attention to detail, our friendly and reliable service and also the fact that our extensive industry knowledge and contacts mean we can also offer helpful business advice along the way. We make a great effort to understand our clients and genuinely take an interest in their business development. We aim to keep all our clients long term so their success is very important to us.

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